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Street Smart Guide to Staying Safe


Cabs. When you get into a cab, note the driver's registration number. Say, "2212, I think I'll play that in the lotto tomorrow." Now, he knows you know his number and he's not going to fool with you or give you the double around the block.

Busses and trains. Sit near the front by the driver or in the car with the conductor. Especially at night. If there's trouble, the driver can call for help.

Elevators. If you're waiting for an elevator; the doors open and you don't like who's on the elevator, don't get on. If you are on the elevator and somebody gets on you don't like, get off. And if you do get confronted on the elevator; push all the buttons except the button that stops the elevaton He wants the elevator stopped, but you want it moving because every time that door opens there is a chance for you to escape or get help. If he pushes the stop button, you've got to pull it out and be prepared to fight this guy to do it.

Stairwells. This is real simple. Stay out of them unless it's an emergency. Stairwells are, by law, fireproof and very little noise comes out of a stairwell. So if you get caught in a stairwell, you're trapped.

Banks. When you go into a bank to withdraw money, go to the back counter to fill out the slip because the goof can be watching through the front window. While in line, keep withdrawal slips out of sight and put your money away immediately.

ATM's. First, choose a location where there are people. Do not use an ATM that is in a secluded location or someplace unfamiliar. If you feel uncomfortable with someone hanging around, get out of there. Be especially careful at night. And anytime you use the ATM, make sure no one can see you enter your PIN number.

Be Tough

"You know the victim thinks 'it can't happen to me'. And the goof says to himself "I'm not gonna get caught.' There's faulty logic here - on both sides."

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