A Guide to Staying Safe


Street Smart Guide to Staying Safe


A 23-year police veteran, primarily in homicide and violent crimes. JJ Bittenbinder combines a dynamic presence with a powerful message.

JJ's 'tough target' strategies to avoid victimization have been the subject of a national PBS television series; special reports on ABC's Prime Time Live; guest appearances on CNN, Good Morning America, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and countless radio programs.

JJ is the subject of feature stories in numerous national publications; and he is in constant demand for personal appearances throughout the country. JJ was the host of his own nationally syndicated television show, TOUGH TARGET, a hard-hitting weekly series that empowered viewers to become 'tough targets' for criminals.

Detective JJ Bittenbinder

"You gotta play it like you're alone out there. You gotta play it like there are no police. You are responsible for yourself to yourself ... and you gotta have a plan."

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