A Guide to Staying Safe


Street Smart Guide to Staying Safe


A crime can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. It can happen to you. So you've got to be prepared. You've got to have a plan.

Pay attention to your surroundings. Be alert at all times. Don't impair yourself by wearing those headsets. Remember, the bad guys pick their victims on a vulnerability scale and you cannot be the most vulnerable one there.

Look tough! Always walk and carry yourself in a confident manner. Your head up. The predators are always looking up at other things. The prey looks at the ground. So if you don't want to be a prey, look like a predator. Remember; it's not how tough you are, it's how tough you look.

Cross the street if you see a suspicious person or persons walking toward you. If you sense danger; go to where there are people.

Yell "NO!" if stopped on the street by a stranger for directions or any other reason and get out of there. No hesitation. "NO!" and you're gone. Remember; if fleeing is an option, it's always your best option.

Give up your property. If confronted by someone with a weapon who demands your purse, or wallet, or coat give it up and run. Do not wait around for request number two. The less time you spend in front of that weapon, the better it is for you.

Yell "FIRE!" if you are in trouble or see someone else in trouble. You have to attract some attention. And a fire gets everybody's attention.

Carry your purse with the strap across your body, preferably under your coat. Better yet, use a fanny pack. If you do, you're tougher than the next person and that's what you want to be.

Carry a money clip with your 'get out of trouble' money two singles wrapped in a five. If he wants your money, you throw the money clip one way and you go the other; yelling "FIRE!" Which way do you think the goof is going to go?

Carry a self-defense spray [where legal] with 5% to 10% pepper gas and a range of at least 6 to 8 feet. Keep it on your key ring and be ready to use it. It's superior to tear gas and it will stop the bad guy in his tracks. Be sure to keep your distance from this guy when using it don't let him get close to you.

A personal alarm is a less 'aggressive' alternative to a pepper spray and it works. All you've got to do is pull the pin and it makes a shrieking noise the only one who can't ignore it is the goof.

Stranger-Danger Rape. If you are attacked by a stranger, or anyone for that matter use your pepper gas or trigger your alarm. If that is not possible, do whatever you need to do to stay alive. If you decide to fight back, you must make your move as soon as this guy approaches. If he grabs you, peel his thumb away or twist toward it that's the weakest part of the grip and try to get out of there. If you can't get away and you fight back the most vulnerable areas are the eyes, throat, groin, and shins.

Date Rape. If you are on a date, or out with a friend, there may be some expectation of intimacy. But if he crosses the line, whatever that line is if he wants to take you someplace, or touch you you say "NO!" And NO means NO! If he kisses you, reach up there and grab his lower lip with your teeth and bite down until your teeth meet. You are ending the relationship!

Swivel around on your backside and kick if you get knocked down in an attack. If he grabs one foot, kick with the other. Your legs are strong, use them to keep him away from you. And you're yelling "FIRE!" all the time.

If there ever is a line you draw that you're not going to cross, it's this: you must never allow yourself to be taken into a car, or down an alley what we call a secondary crime scene for any reason at all.

If he grabs you, come out of your coat or blouse do whatever is necessary to get away. Even if he's got a gun, you cannot go. It can be a one way trip! Remember these guys will always lie to get you to do what they want you to do.

You have to help each other! If you see someone in trouble, do something. Yell, I'm going to call the police," the bad guy doesn't know if you have a phone or if one is near. If a person is being attacked, grab the victim and pull her away. Do not grab the goof. The victim will help you, the goof will fight you.

Street Smart & Safe

"When the goof steps into the arena, he knows what he is going to say, what he's gonna do, what he's gonna take, and where he's gonna run. And what do you know? Nothing! That's why they win."

"Guns don't work because people don't use them. They understand the finality of the thing they do. If they shoot, this act cannot be changed, undone or erased, or altered in any way - so intelligent people hesitate. And the bad guy grabs that gun and he pops you with it - because he does not hesitate. Now we got somebody in the ground and the goof got the gun."

"Sharks are remarkable killing machines. But even a shark does not come by at 35 miles per hour and snap somebody's head off. The shark bumps his prey and then comes back around to take it. Well, that's just how these guys do it on the street. Except the bump is not physical, it's verbal - Got a cigarette? Where is Clark Street?"

"Trust your instincts. Just before any of these crimes occur, the hair on the back of your neck stands up and that's your warning. That's about 200 million years of evolution grabbing you by the neck and saying get out of here."

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