A Guide to Staying Safe


Street Smart Guide to Staying Safe


Keep your travel plans confidential. Use your name and business address only on luggage tags. Do not leave your luggage unattended.

Keep photo copies of important documents passport, credit cards, travelers checks in a place separate from the originals. Leave extra copies with your family or office they can fax them to you if necessary. And leave your itinerary in case they need to reach you in an emergency.

Stay in hotels with good security, those with two locks on the room doors, a peep hole, and key cards for door locks. They should also have round-the-clock securitity surveillance cameras and controlled access to parking facilities. And they will have a safe, use it for your valuables!

When you arrive at the hotel, take the time to become familiar with the fire exits. Floors 2 through 7 are your best choices for a room. You're off ground level and within easy range of a ladder in case of fire.

Use the peep hole when someone knocks on your door, but do not let a stranger into your room. If he identifies himself as a hotel employee, call the front desk and check him out before you open the doon And when you leave your room, turn on the radio or television to deter a break-in.

Foreign travel. Keep a low profile, blend in with the locals and stay away from known American hangouts. Know how to contact the police and doctors in the native language and know how to use pay phones. Make the your Embassy aware of your itinerary.


"The bad guys know that everyone at the airport has money, they jewelry is in the purse, and they are not on their home turf. The police know travelers are more vulnerable and that's why there is a high concentration of police at the airport. So you need to take special precautions when you travel. Remember when these guys hunt deer, they go where the deer are."

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