A Guide to Staying Safe


Street Smart Guide to Staying Safe


Do not allow any adult to force affection on your child. Empower your child at a very early age to say "NO" to an adult. Teach them to do it respectfully but to say "NO!" Then when they get older; they are tough and they know how to resist when someone tries to get close to them.

Make sure your kids know their address and phone number. And teach them to travel a specified and safe route to and from school; never take short cuts, and always walk with friends not alone.

Never allow your child to converse with a strange adult. The adult will always win. Always! These guys will make it very tempting for the child. They will ask for help to find a lost puppy, or offer candy, or money. The child must say "NO!" and get out of there. No hesitation. It's "NO!" and they're gone. And have them yell "Stranger!" Loud. Over and over again as they flee.

Instruct your child to run in the opposite direction if approached by someone in an automobile. The child can get out of there in the time it takes to turn that car around.

Tell the child to "DROP THE BOOKS!" before they run! Because this guy is not after this kid's spelling homework, or her new book bag. I know because I'm the one who gets the little girl who is fondled and says, I would have got away, but that book bag was so heavy' and her father's heart is breaking! You get to give up your purse or wallet, the kid gets to drop the books. It's called taking a draw.

Give your child some simple directions on where to go if they are in trouble. But keep it simple, like run back to school if you are not past Main Street and run home if you are past Main Street or run to the fast food restaurant. You can't put an old head on young shoulders.

Arm your child with a personal alarm and make sure you put an identifying label on it. If the child is abducted and the alarm is left behind, the police will know who they are looking for and it can help pinpoint the time and place of the crime.

Use a password for times when you must have an adult, whom the child doesn't know, pick up the child. Pick a password with two words that don't go together like Blue Buffalo. And you pick the password. The kids all pick Barney, or Ninja Turtles, something a bad guy might figure out.

If kids are home alone, the answering machine should be on to take the calls. Make sure they know how to reach you; and that they know to call 911 if they are in trouble. They should never open the door to a stranger.

The most important thing is for you to communicate with your kids. You establish an open relationship with your kids and they will come to you when they have a problem.

Your Kids

"I want you know that the bad guys don't all look like Charles Manson, or Freddie Krueger or Bluto. They look like fathers and uncles and grandfathers and neighbors, because they are fathers and uncles and granfathers and neighbors. These are the goofs that want to touch your kids."

"Every father has stood in front of his daughter in September and said 'Now I just spent $60 for that new lunch bucket, and new book bag - and where that book bag is, you better be'. And he's just reinforced the wrong thing."

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